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Twitter Clutter Clear Out!

Tanami Simplifies Twitter Clutter Twitter for business - clear up the clutter and get on top of managing your account. We are huge Twitter fans here at Tanami HQ! Twitter is a fantastic tool when used efficiently and provides a dynamic platform to represent your business and...

Best Behaviour for Mr Torrance

Dougie Donnolly chats to Sam Torrance Last week Tanami was lucky enough to receive a call from its friends at Material asking the team to shoot an interview between renowned broadcast interviewer, Dougie Donnolly and golf legend, Sam Torrance. The interview was given moments before Sam and...

Contribution to The Career Stylist

We are delighted to announce that Jemma is now a regular contributor to The Career Stylist, a site founded by life coach, Beth Reacher, who aims to help women style a 21st century career and business they love.  Jemma contributed her first article to the site following Tanami's birthday back in...

365 Days of Tanami

365 Days of Tanami 1 August 2014 – Tanami’s 1st Birthday!  We blinked and a year passed! A huge thank you for all the incredible support we had received throughout our first year and a big shout out to all our video, PR and social media clients....

That’s a wrap folks!

That's a wrap folks! Chevrolet FC has had wee Tanami rushed off its feet during the 2013/14 football season ...

Our latest animated film

Our latest animated film Earlier this week, RJmetis and Phoenix Broadband (Medusa Business) announced their agreement to merge. Through this merger, Hubcreate, a combined internet management and software group, will service the shared workspace industry globally. The world’s going coworking mad! As well as providing PR support, Tanami...

Why Tanami?

Why Tanami? Since setting up Tanami in July 2013, I have been asked countless times: “Why Tanami?” Pronunciation-wise, it was always going to throw a curve ball...

Putting the advertising in the customer’s hand. Literally.

Putting the advertising in the customer's hand. Literally. Last week we spent the morning shooting a promotional video for Cappuccino Ads. If you’ve not heard of these guys before you’ll love their business idea!  Cappuccino Ads work with various businesses that are looking to advertise. These...

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