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Film Score

Music and Film: Working Together in Perfect Harmony

Scoring a film can be one of the most difficult and important steps in the film production process; so much of the story can be reinforced or indeed undermined by the choice of music. A good film score becomes much more than just an accompaniment;...

The Art of Macro Photography: A Closer Look

A macro lens behaves a bit like a microscope. It allows you to capture things which often cannot be seen with the naked eye; the details on a dragonfly’s wing, or larvae hidden in within a fish egg. It’s for this reason that macro photography tends...


Green-Screen: An Introduction

Just What Is Green-Screen/Chroma Key Technology?  The first green-screen created in the nineteen forties, believe it or not, was actually blue. For the film The Thief of Bagdad in the 1940s, Larry Butler created the the chroma key technology we know and love today. Butler...

The Filming Technique that Stood the Test of Time

Timelapse photography makes a great addition to video content: the time-defying nature of them is almost hypnotic. And with camera equipment becoming increasingly accessible and sophisticated, they are easier to capture than ever before, with most smartphones cameras now offering a timelapse function. But would...

Media Production Show logo

Seminar Standouts from the Media Production Show 2017

The Media Production Show, now in its second year, is fast becoming a stalwart of the media technology calendar. With a new venue in the Kensington Olympia and lots of lovely new kit to take for a spin, #TeamTanami were delighted to have been able...

Tanami’s top four picks from The Media Production Show 2017

#TeamTanami visited London this week to get up to date with the latest tech and talk directly to distributors at the Media Production Show. From camera manufacturers to unions, streaming facilities to VFX houses, every aspect of video production was represented. However for some of...


EIFF 2017: Our Top Picks from This Year’s Film Festival

There’s something in the air in Edinburgh at this time of year; as the banners start going up and the unlikeliest spots begin their transformation to venues, the city anticipates the first festival-goers wheeling their suitcases out of Waverley Station. Heralding the start of festival...

Travel Pic Cambodia

Travel Videos: Tanami’s Top Tips

With summer fast approaching, we thought it would be only fitting to give some advice on how to create that epic travel video you have always wanted to do. Over the last two weeks we’ve been joined by intern Liam, a dab hand with the...

GH5 Camera

Tech Temptation: A Look at the Highly-Anticipated GH5

This last week, #TeamTanami had the chance to play with a camera that there has been a great deal of buzz about lately – the Panasonic GH5. This new addition to the four thirds family has been the subject of intense hype, with some very...

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