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Snake Venom Cover

Venomous Video Going Viral

The power of social video when used strategically as a targeted marketing tool is phenomenal.  It is crucial to decipher who your audience is at the outset and precisely set your focus on engagement goals. Tanami recently produced a social video for Keith Brewery Ltd. to...

Football Corner Camera

Football and Social Media: Tanami’s Top Tips

Football isn’t just about the ninety minutes on the pitch; it’s about the social structures surrounding it. Who you’re next to in the stand, which pub you head to after, where you stand during the cup parade – it’s all about the bonds between the...

Mastodon Logo

Mastodon – will it join the ranks of extinct social networks?

The big news in social media circles these last few weeks has been the rise of Mastodon. With Twitter’s ongoing abuse issues and Facebook’s unsettling ubiquity, the chance for a fresh-start on a new social network was always going to be an appealing one. Mastodon consists...


A Brief Guide to Video Production Jargon

Like many industries, there is a fair bit of jargon associated with video production. Even the most seasoned producers can sometimes come across phrases they’ve never heard before. To give you a bit of a head start (and impress your colleagues with your knowledge), here are...

5 Reasons Why We Love Adobe Creative Cloud

When it comes to post production, the expression “left on the cutting room floor” is still commonly used (often as a threat!). However, if taken literally, the truth is that these days are long gone. With the editing process now entirely digital, editing suites are...

Retro YouTube Poster


There’s a lot to find frustrating about YouTube -  the constantly changing CMS, the clickbait videos, the Rick-Rolling - but being forced to view 30-second pre-roll ads probably hit the top of our list. Thankfully, this week YouTube announced that they would be ditching the...

For the Love of Cinema

2016 was a bumper year for the film industry; cinema ticket revenues for the UK and Ireland reached £1.32 billion, beating the previous record set in 2015. But statistics can’t really capture the love and reverence we still attach to the act of cinema-going. As...


4 Takeaways From This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

America’s Super Bowl LI has come and gone, and for some it was the greatest showdown in Super Bowl history. In amongst the tremendous displays of athleticism and the stunning half-time show by Lady Gaga, viewers witnessed a vast array of advertising campaigns with very...

App Happy: How to Raise Your Social Media Game

Keeping your social media accounts updated and fresh can be a struggle, and we don’t just mean remembering all the passwords. To make sure your audience is paying attention, it’s all about relevant, engaging content. Fortunately, #TeamTanami is here to make your social media life that...

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