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Cinematography Collage

#TeamTanami Talks Cinematography

Like any office environment worth its salt, there is often a buzz around Tanami Towers about the latest movie or TV show to capture our imaginations. It’s easy to focus on the great characters and plotlines, but with video being what we do, cinematography is...

Book of Video Myths

5 Myths about Video Marketing

There can be no doubt at this point that marketing using video is one of the most effective ways of engaging your customers. So as more and more organisations embrace social video, #TeamTanami is here to bust some of the most common myths surrounding video...

RIP Vine

Vine (2012-2016) – Our Favourite Six-Second Masterpieces

With the sad news that Twitter is to shut down Vine, the six-second video sharing service it acquired in 2012, #TeamTanami has been taking a look back at some of Vine’s finest moments. A simple premise, the beauty of Vine’s looping video app was the...

6 items from Tanami’s pre-shoot checklist

It’s an exciting time getting ready for a video shoot; the days, weeks and (in some cases) months of preparation finally culminate in a buzz of activity. But in amongst the anticipation, careful planning is important to make sure that everything we could possibly need...

Ryan Giggs

5 Innovations in Sports Filming Technology

When you bring sport and video production technology together, you get a very happy #TeamTanami. We love working with our sports clients and using new technology to capture the most exciting, dynamic footage we can. So here are five filming technology innovations we think are...

Colourists – We salute you!

If you stick around for the closing credits on any TV show or movie you’ll see hundreds, often thousands, of crew members listed – each role important in its own right.  No matter the size of the project, colour grading is one of the most...


A whole new dimension for VR

With VR technology having taken the world by storm, consumers and innovators alike are already seeking the next step.  That next step may have already arrived, thanks to Lytro: a technology firm specialising in light field imagery.  Already a pioneer in the field of computer...

Keeping It (Ultra) Real

In the world of social video, the only constant is change. At Tanami, we're quick to embrace cutting edge technology in order to tell stories in new innovative ways for our clients.  As discussed in recent blogs around 360° video and virtual reality, these techniques open up whole new sensory experiences...

How do Fringe Performers pronounce 'Tanami'?

Tanami – how do YOU pronounce it?

It has been the elephant in Tanami Towers for a number of years. A single word that has created controversy globally. Divided nations. Emphasised accents. Stirred debate. "Tanami". Having been asked on multiple occasions how to pronounce this simple, six-letter word, #TeamTanami decided to set the...

360° Video

360° Video: Seeing the Full Picture

Ever wondered what Tanami's new Edinburgh HQ looks like? Think turquoise, think purple, a small shrine to Apple products and enough popcorn to keep several cinemas fully stocked  - see for yourself with our new 360° video. You might have noticed 360° videos popping up on...

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