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Does Virtual Reality Have Hidden Powers?

It can be very easy for the novelty of most technology trends to wear off after a while, but with virtual reality (VR) we may have found an exception. The tech world is witnessing a significant increase in the number of people who have experienced VR:...

Jumping on the Bandwagon, Twitter?

As Twitter revealed it will soon roll out its new ‘Moments’ feature, it all felt a bit too familiar for #TeamTanami. Instagram just seemingly copied, or should we say adopted, a prominent feature from its rival, Snapchat. The new Stories functionality allows users to create rolling...

Pokémon Go: The Phenomenon

After the official UK release of Pokémon Go, the mobile game has remained a prominent industry topic. The app transports the player to an augmented reality in which they chase Pokémon around the real world, using data from Google Maps. Launched by Niantic, in partnership...

3D Video at Your Fingertips

The latest smartphones on the market boast a large number of innovative camera tricks and techniques. From filters to editing tools, we’re truly spoilt for choice when it comes to capturing that perfect shot. The latest gadget on #TeamTanami’s radar is the Eye-Plug. This super smart...

Introducing #TanamiTakesOn

While shooting our latest project for Vision Direct in Spain, we saw first-hand the problem of malnourished, homeless dogs roaming the streets. Working with such adorable and well-loved pugs on our shoot made us think about what we could do to make a positive change. With the launch...

Don’t Go Changing Too Much, Twitter!

With a variety of social media channels available, each platform is doing its bit to ensure it stays unique. However, it seems that platforms have been in a bid to become "the best there is". While the convergence of these features within one platform is pretty...

Human Drones – The Future of Filmmaking?

Technology evolves at a rapid pace and we hate to break it to you, but 2D games such as Pacman or Snake (on the indestructible Nokia 3310) are now considered as being from the dark ages! The latest tech topic to catch Team Tanami’s attention is...

Tanami Talks Online Video

It’s no surprise that online video has become progressively popular in recent years. From daft cat videos to addictive podcasts, exciting live streams to beautifully crafted feature films – we’ve all lost track of time whilst watching online content. With the increasing variety and accessibility...

facebook social messenger

Copycat Social Media… But Is This A Bad Thing?

In recent weeks, certain social media channels (namely Facebook and Periscope) have been making some announcements about "new" features they're releasing - but do they sound a bit familiar? Facebook's new Live Map allows users to see where videos are being broadcast from across the globe - somewhat similar...

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