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Human Drones – The Future of Filmmaking?

Technology evolves at a rapid pace and we hate to break it to you, but 2D games such as Pacman or Snake (on the indestructible Nokia 3310) are now considered as being from the dark ages! The latest tech topic to catch Team Tanami’s attention is...

Tanami Talks Online Video

It’s no surprise that online video has become progressively popular in recent years. From daft cat videos to addictive podcasts, exciting live streams to beautifully crafted feature films – we’ve all lost track of time whilst watching online content. With the increasing variety and accessibility...

facebook social messenger

Copycat Social Media… But Is This A Bad Thing?

In recent weeks, certain social media channels (namely Facebook and Periscope) have been making some announcements about "new" features they're releasing - but do they sound a bit familiar? Facebook's new Live Map allows users to see where videos are being broadcast from across the globe - somewhat similar...

Never Work With Children or Animals!

Over the past few months, Team Tanami has been pulling out all the stops in preparation for our latest production: this time, for Vision Direct. You could say we've been working like dogs...

Will Vine Be Gone in Six Seconds?

Long before Kylo Ren vs. Rey (Star Wars reboot!) or McGregor vs. Diaz, came the fiery face-off that was Instagram video vs. Vine. We know what you might be thinking – is Vine even still a thing? Tanami investigates… The social network, which strictly limits users to...

Snapchat Springs into Digital Advertising

Snapchat has well and truly grown up – breaking free from its initial negative reputation as a ‘selfie’ sharing paradise for the younger generation. The app has rapidly transformed into a diverse social media platform, now keen to further branch out into the scary world...

5 Reasons to Consider Video Production

With more than a billion views generated on YouTube alone every day, it’s no wonder that the number of businesses integrating video to their marketing strategies is rapidly increasing! Still undecided as to whether video is appropriate for your marketing or social media plan? Read on… People...

The Rise of Virtual Reality

The uprising of Virtual Reality (VR) is upon us and the tech industry giants are all over it! It doesn’t feel like too long ago we gawked in awe at interactive technology revelations such as the EyeToy for Playstation or the XBOX Kinect which forever...

Which social media network is right for me?

With dozens of social media platforms to choose from, we’re not surprised to hear that so many businesses are left feeling confused. Unless you eat, sleep and breathe social media, we would advise that rather than trying to post, tweet and pin all at once, you might...

Ending 2015 sky high!

As you may have already seen via our social media channels (we’ve not been the most subtle) Team Tanami has recently undergone its biggest and most comprehensive project to date! Our client, City & Guilds International, set us an ambitious video and photography project.  This involved...

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