Dinosaurs Return! | TV and Cinema Ad

The Brief

We received a call from our friends over at Flock Creative about an advert for Edinburgh Zoo who tasked us with the production of a 30 second advert for Sky AdSmart, STV and cinemas to promote the ‘Dinosaurs Return’ exhibition.


The Process

Pre-production kicked off with several zoo recces. With the shot-list compiled, Clearcast approvals complete and dinosaurs cast – filming was scheduled to take place on what happened to be the hottest day of the year!  Two edit days, a dub and a BBFC certificate later, we were ready for delivery.


The Result

The end result is a dynamic advert with the headline ‘Boredom is Extinct.’ It successfully captures the thrill and excitement of coming face to face with the most fearsome creatures to have roamed the Earth and gives Jurassic World a run for its money in the process!

Head behind the scenes of @TanamiHQ via Instagram

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