Scottish Football Association | #OurGirlsOurGame

The Brief

#TeamTanami was delighted with the opportunity to produce a video for the Scottish Football Association (SFA), which boosted awareness of women’s football and encouraged young girls to participate in the sport.  We wanted to draw attention to the confidence and fun that could be gained through playing such a popular team sport.

One of the key barriers to girls’ participation in sport is the opinion of both their peers and their parents. Given this, Tanami proposed a bright, fun video which would make clear the fun of football using the girls’ own words.

The Process

The client sourced one of the top football facilities in the East of Scotland for our shoot day; Spartans Community Football Academy. With the location sorted, all that was left was to get a bright, dry day to capture the action during a wild weather week… and we were in luck.

Alongside shots of football training and games, Tanami captured brief interviews with the Scotland stars of the future, as they explained why they loved football. Some tact and gentle direction was needed as we tried to make them feel at ease, and to capture natural, heartfelt testimonials.

The client also organised for Kirsty Smith, a Scottish women’s internationalist and Hibernian Ladies FC player, to make an appearance at the training session. Having worked with Hibernian FC recently, it was great to hear more about their women’s side. She spent time with the delighted players, and spoke to Tanami about her experience growing up with football, and what it meant to finally play for Scotland.


The Result

The final video was posted to the SFA Facebook page shortly after the publicity surrounding the UEFA Women’s European Finals in 2017, making the most of a renewed interest in women’s football. The video racked up nearly 11 000 views in just two weeks, and it was particularly heartening to see positive comments from parents who were convinced to get their daughters involved in football.

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