LA Wedding | Live Stream

The Brief

Using high quality broadcast cameras and audio mixing equipment, Tanami was asked to deliver a live stream between a wedding party in Los Angeles and the Edinburgh-based father of the groom. The father wanted to surprise the bride and groom on their big day by saying a few words before playing a song on his acoustic guitar.


The Process

Arriving at the studio at midnight, this project demanded the latest call time we’ve come across! Fuelled with double espressos and enthusiasm for the challenge, we set up our equipment ahead of a 1am test call – two hours before the video feed would officially go live. We required a two-way live stream between the two locations, making Google Hangouts the best option: the platform allows external audio and video feeds from professional equipment, meaning we could get an optimal video stream and crystal-clear sound from the guitar. Google Hangouts also has a minimal time delay of only a second or two compared to some platforms that can be up to thirty.

The Result

After hours of anticipation, the stream officially commenced at 3am, and thanks to thorough pre-production planning, the process was smooth. The client in LA received a very high-quality picture and audio feed, and according to the wedding party, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! The dialogue between LA and Edinburgh was without interruption, meaning that family members could have a natural conversation. We provided our client with an MP4 recording of the stream – the perfect wedding present if you ask us! While live streams can often be temperamental, the repeated tests and constant communication between Tanami’s producer and the client in LA meant that the stream went ahead without a hitch. It was certainly hard to sleep at 5am though after that surge of adrenaline!

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