Everybody has their morning routine – whether it consists of coffee and toast in the kitchen, a morning workout,or being stuck on a crowded bus for an hour-long journey. Personally speaking, I’m more of a night owl than an early bird and I’ll often find that I leave myself very little time before heading out the door for work. But in amongst my self-inflicted morning rush, I always find the opportunity to put on my headphones and stick on a podcast. My morning never feels the same without it.

As it happens, the rest of #TeamTanami have a similar routine of listening to their favourite podcasts on a daily basis. From NFL to Adam Buxton, TED to Bob Mortimer, our tastes are pretty varied to say the least! There are, however, a few which we feel are pretty appropriate for our industry – here are our top picks:

The Moth

Storytelling is an essential part of the creative process, so The Moth is a good way to start the day. the moth logoRead by the storytellers themselves, the podcasts are recorded live and cover a vast array of topics. It’s a rule of the podcast that the stories need to be true, and spoken, not read, which allows for a much more naturally emotive delivery. The stories are a great source of inspiration, but can also carry powerful messages that will stick with you.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review

Affectionately, and accurately, described as ‘Wittertainment’, Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode kermode mayo podcasthave been amicably bickering about films and life since 2001. In between an accumulation of in-jokes so extensive it needs its own website, the pair review new cinema releases, interview guests and, occasionally, go on a bit of a ‘Kermodian rant‘. A great podcast for keeping up with all that’s new in the world of ciné, this is a film review podcast that manages to not really be about films.


FXguide, much like Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review, discusses the latest cinematic releases, fxguide podcastbut from a more technical perspective. The hosts Mike Seymour, Jason Diamond and Matt Wallin choose a new release and uncover the behind-the-scenes technical processes from concept to creation. If you’re a ‘how stuff works’ kind of person, this is the podcast for you!


This interesting podcast takes heavy and complex topics within the world of economics and turns planet money podcastthem into light-hearted and entertaining ‘pub-chat’ stories – no easy task by any means! The podcasts are pretty short as well, with an average duration of around half an hour. For anyone interested in business, entrepreneurship or the unseen forces affecting the world around us, we reckon this is a must-have in your podcast library.


Jonny Shepherd

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