As Instagram continues its path to social media domination, one of the key pillars of their approach has been flexibility towards adopting the most successful features ofother social platforms – cue the recent introduction of Instagram Polls.Much like Twitter Polls, it allows users to integrate a simple poll into their Stories. However, unlike Twitter, the individual responses are visible to the person who runs the poll; an important distinction that seems to have caught a few off-guard on Twitter:

But what are the benefits of this latest addition to the Instagram feature arsenal? Well firstly, it allows Instagram Stories to be interactive with a minimum of effort; a simple click lets you share your opinion with the world. Instagram remains a minimal interaction platform, and polls offer another form for this, without burdening the user with an old-fashioned, tedious task like typing.

However perhaps more interesting is the opportunity it presents for brands. Instagram Polls not only encourage direct engagement, but are a great way of conducting some very simple market research whilst also collecting valuable data about individual user preference. Saying that, to date we’ve only seen it used to vote on food options or pets –  so far, so Instagram.

Insta Poll

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