50 Days of Lockdown

Author Kat Jordan

I can remember talking to my colleagues a couple of months ago about the headlines as the news of Coronavirus slowly crept into our lives. It all seemed like an episode of Black Mirror; lockdown, a virus & instructions to stay at home.

But what did this mean for Tanami?

After packing up our monitors, swivel chairs & any other office supplies we needed, we waved goodbye to our hub in Leith and set up shop in our own homes. Our tight-knit team was now operating from all over Edinburgh with the goal of continuing as “business as normal”…

…well, the new normal.

Communication has always been a big part of what makes our team dynamic work so well. 50days BC (before Corona), we had daily briefings to discuss projects, deadlines and how to share the workload. Although we weren’t together in person, we kept up our daily ritual via Zoom. In fact, Zoom has probably brought our team closer than ever; I’ve been on tours of my workmates houses, met their families & even cracked open a beer at 5pm on Friday from the comfort of my own bed.

We wanted to make sure we stayed not just connected with each other, but with our online community too. We’ve kept our social platforms up to date with our work and regular check ins with the team too.

We even launched a competition to design Zoom backgrounds to keep the creative juices flowing. My favourite (and current Zoom background) was Tanami’s very own Kirsty McLean – her digital illustration is below.

We were finding ways to stay social & connected, but the question remained – how were we going to continue producing videos during lockdown?

We’ve been lucky enough to get some really interesting & creative briefs across our virtual desks over the last 50 days, which I’m delighted to say we’ve been able to deliver on. From hosting online casting sessions to working alongside Directors weaving their magic via Facetime; we’ve had to think outside the box to get the job done.

Check out this TV advert we produced with The Leith Agency for the Royal Bank of Scotland. We took on the challenge of creating this video entirely remotely during the lockdown period. The team had the pleasure of working with some great personalities from RBS branches located all over the UK.

We’ve also worked with the Leith Agency to produce this TV advert for the Scottish Government. This project rocketed from script to TV in less than 100 hours. It was produced entirely remotely and in record breaking time.

We’re really lucky that we have been able to keep operating during this pandemic, and it’s not something we have taken for granted.

There’s no denying these last 50 days have been strange, but there’s a lot to be proud of. Team Tanami has stayed united, we’ve worked hard and one things for certain…our pub quiz knowledge has never been better.

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