8 Years, 8 Lessons

Author Jemma Goba

Tanami turned 8 this week. Each year I learnt a tough lesson.

Year one (day one): Joined a co-working space.  Never underestimate the value of your network … my first clients were my friend’s start-ups; Victoria Bradley and Callum Murray I will be forever grateful.

Year two: Found a lifelong coach and friend in Isobel McEwan. Never underestimate the value of a brilliant mentor (and don’t kid yourself thinking your family or partner can be that person … in your dad’s eyes, you can do no wrong!)

Year three: Filmed in South Africa, Botswana, Dubai, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.  Good for the showreel and the ego. Leaned that profit is just as important – and that you should never order smoked salmon for breakfast in country hotter than the sun.

Year four: Tanami was acquired. Legal formalities take much (much) longer than you’d imagine, so for an impatient person this is a toughy! Note to self: get comfy in the messy middle and have faith that things will work out.

Year five: If you build it, they will come. Tanami’s new office attracted the best people and projects to stretch us all. We built some brilliant and lasting partnerships.

Year six: Not everyone will like you.  But that’s okay. As long as they respect you.  And anyway, deep down you know they’ll come round eventually!

Year seven:  Baby Anatolia put everything into perspective. Little people tell you who you really are – and suddenly you have all the answers you need (and a few more questions).

Year eight: You can’t plan for a once-in-a-century event – but you can adapt to it. Keep embracing new technologies, remain agile and open-minded, continue to streamline processes, and simply accept that production ain’t going back to normal (if ever there was a normal. Which there wasn’t).

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