Behind the scenes: Tanami workshop

Author Helen Hamilton

One of the best things about working at Tanami, is being around a group of people as passionate about digital media as I am. So when WPM Education gave us the chance to speak at their annual conference, and bring more people into the video fold, I could not wait to get started.

WPM Education specialise in online payment services for universities and colleges, and their annual conference brings the sector together for a chance to share challenges and best practice. The UK is the second most popular study destination worldwide, and as of 2017/18, there were nearly half a million international students attending university in the UK. Paying fees can be a hugely daunting part of the student enrolment process, and WPM Education asked us to share with attendees how an explainer video might help to make the process that little bit easier.

Writing our workshop session, ‘The Power of Video’, was a chance to think creatively ourselves – if we’re going to be explaining the different ways that people learn, then we better walk the walk! That meant plenty of work making sure our script was clear and succinct, diving in to the reasons why video is such a powerful learning tool. This was supported by some very fancy visuals courtesy of Kat’s amazing Powerpoint skills, and we included a chance for the audience to get hands-on, turning key messages into a rudimentary storyboard. And of course, we weren’t going to miss an opportunity to show a clip of our favourite university admission video of all time, or blasting out the CPR version of 500 miles.

WPM Workshop in Progress

I think what I’ll take away most from the experience of preparing our workshop is the fact that this was a true group effort. From Kirsty’s invaluable help with the early drafts, Kat’s slides, to Fabian, Greg and Jonny playing the part of our poor captive audience for the tech rehearsal, the whole team got involved. But most of all, I really enjoyed being part of a presenting double-act with Anastasia. I just hope they make the podium suitable for short people the next time.

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