My experience as a lockdown intern

Author Anith Marissa

I was so excited (if a little scared) before starting my internship. I’d had no previous industry experience, so I was very grateful for the opportunity. Fortunately for me, on my first day the whole team was so welcoming and supportive. The team felt so close – it felt like I was coming into a family.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, I was not allowed to meet everyone in person. However, I am grateful for the morning ‘stand up’ calls where everyone would go on Zoom and talk about their tasks for the day ahead. On those calls I really felt like I was a valued member of the team. I loved that team members were so open and willing to hear my ideas. In the past I would often shy away from sharing my opinions because I feel like I lacked knowledge and experience but with Tanami everyone valued my input.

I have learnt to much in these two weeks – more than ever before! When I initially saw my task list, I admit I was intimidated but everything was explained so clearly. Their systems are so simple and organised so I got involved easily and gained confidence.

The thing that surprised me most is how a relatively small team was able to achieve so much! There are only seven full time staff in the team and seeing them being able to cope with that level of workload was amazing! This is possible because everyone from the team was super helpful and communicated so well. It seemed that no one was ever shy to seek help.

I was told to act as a sponge during my internship and soak up as much as I could! Throughout my experience working with the team, I’ve seen that this advice applies to them as well. For example, as I was shadowing Jonny for editing, he mentioned to me that despite having experience in editing for years, he is still learning something new about editing every day. Not only that, Helen showed me documents such as the call sheets, director’s treatment and budgeting documents and she mentioned that everyone has their own style. The documents she showed were no different from the ones I’ve seen during my experience in uni but more professional; a much easier and cleaner format that’s quicker to understand for a beginner like me.

Aside from getting advice verbally from them, I’ve also noticed a few traits such as always to be kind and to be helpful to others. Based on the morning calls, I see all the team members are constantly hopping on each other’s project to aid when necessary. Their relationship as a team seemed more like a family to me which creates a nice warm environment to be in.

Not only did I learn more about advertising, with the help of the whole Tanami team as great role models, I’ll be able to grow as a better person working in the industry. Being surrounded by people that have achieved so many great things through the work that they are passionate about motivates me to work as hard as they do.

From this placement, I was also given the chance to attend a training called AdGreen Production Training which is about sustainability in production and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. This is something new for me to which I found very interesting. My next step is to grab more chances like this in the future so that I can explore my passion further. I look forward to learning more and building connections with such great people as I did here in Tanami. Thank you for the experience and hoping to work with Tanami on more projects someday! Words can’t explain how much I was happy to be in such a positive environment during my first step into this exciting industry.

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