The Difference We Can Make

Author Kayleigh Meldrum

The Scottish Climate Assembly approached Tanami, through the Leith Agency, to help them communicate the effects of climate change and their proposal for changes to implement. Using simple 2D animation and well-timed copy, a clear message was visualised: we can all make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Tanami’s Video Editor and Motion Design guru, Jonny, worked with The Scottish Climate Assembly to break down a report, showcasing the most important factors surrounding this huge global issue. Members of Scotland’s Climate Assembly, the public and activists from around the globe attended the invitation-only presentation. The presentation was originally intended to be live within the Scottish Government grounds, but due to COVID-19, this was held online; it didn’t make it any less impactful.

At the start of the film we are introduced to Maya from the Highlands and David from Edinburgh. Both Maya and David are members of the Climate Assembly and, although they are from very different generations, they share a passion for tackling the climate crisis.

The first phase of the video shows tractors across the country representing the agricultural industry. Whilst cargo-ships, planes, oil rigs, busy streets and car horns, highlight fossil fuel giants. The illustrations are accentuated with recognisable sounds and the straight-talking script focuses the viewer’s attention on the problems of pollutants.

The script and animation then seamlessly flow into the differences we can make, progressing with a change of tone in the music. Maya and David tell us that it’s not too late to make a difference and we can all opt for greener choices. The animation then shows electric power points replacing petrol stations, people cycling instead of driving cars and derelict buildings being restored.

The illustration was brought to life by Kirsty McLean’s top producing skills and keen eye for design. She developed the colour schemes and established a style for all illustrations. Kirsty ensured everything was consistent across the board and provided the artistic direction.

The final film was shared on the client’s YouTube channel and social media, and gained engagement from a number of climate change advocates and activists – including Patrick Harvey of the Scottish Greens.

The Government has made small changes to tackle climate change, by banning plastic straws and urging the public to recycle, but as the video states, these efforts are only scratching the surface. We need to see a collective effort from individuals, organisations and the Government. Here at Tanami, we have taken steps to make changes in the way we reduce our carbon footprint.

The Scottish Climate Assembly and Tanami share a similar ethos in the changes that still need to be made. With every small change from an individual, government, or organisation, we can all contribute to fighting climate change.

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