Local Heroes

Author Graeme Robertson

On our recent ad for EFPIA, Tanami collaborated with a local artist to produce a video which blends engaging hand drawn animation with live action footage, to tell the story of a boy dealing with a rare disease.

The ad for the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) may have been called ‘Tough’, but this production process was anything but. Talented animator Jenny Jokela worked tirelessly to create four unique animated characters – a gentle giant, stressed-out timekeeper, pessimistic football fan and a nasally nuisance.

Not only was the animation done in Leith but almost every aspect of production was local. The creative idea itself was born in Leith, courtesy of our friends at Leith Agency. The sound mix, grade, styling and editing were all the work of local Leith creatives and even our casting was held in Leith. In fact, even our main actor is a Leither.

The shoot also took advantage of the wide range of filming locations within Leith and the stunning weather on the day (Note* Not always guaranteed). Our filming took us from a football pitch near the Shore to the local shopping centre, and we even turned Leith Community Centre into a hospital for the day.

Finally, our football extras were from a local team down the road, as Portobello Community Football Academy were only too happy to lend some players to show off their skills on camera.

It goes to show that you don’t have to look far for talented collaborators and a helpful community to create something that is now being viewed all over Europe.

The ad is now available to view now below:

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