Mentorship Magic

Author Kat Jordan

Getting “your foot in the door” in the film industry can be tough. At Tanami, we could not be more delighted that the foot in our particular door belonged to a young man named Sean Bruce Monteith.

SAE Institute recently reached out to Senior Producer and SAE graduate, Craig Dorrall, to invite him to take part in their Alumni Mentoring Scheme. The aim of this scheme is to introduce young, ambitious students to established professionals in the industry, in the hopes that they would form mutually beneficial partnerships. Who better to learn from than the former SAE students themselves?

Craig graduated from the Digital Film Production course at SAE in 2008, so he was the ideal match for Sean who was also studying the same subject. After e-introductions, the pair met for a coffee to discuss career paths, goals and a joint passion for film.

After hitting it off in this initial meeting and exchanging a few emails, Team Tanami welcomed Sean to learn the ropes during a week-long work placement in August this year. As well showing Sean the day-to-day operations of the agency at Tanami Towers, we also invited him to work alongside the team at the Edinburgh International TV Festival (learn more about our adventures in our EITF blog here).

Since the end of Sean’s work placement, he has helped the team as a runner on a couple of our other advertising projects. Sean’s willingness to learn, immense work ethic and positive attitude were just some of the reasons we continue to love working with him.

Why did you want to be a Mentor?

“The global reach of SAE was of great assistance to me while working in Melbourne and Auckland. The alumni in these cities helped me get a foot on the industry ladder after graduating, and this year the Alumni Mentoring Scheme afforded me the opportunity to offer something back in return. During Sean’s placement at Tanami, it was great to have him involved in our coverage of the EITF and off the back of that we’ve been delighted to have him on a number of other productions in recent months.”

Craig Dorrall

Why did you want to be a Mentee?

“I thought being mentored would be a great chance to learn from an experienced professional. With Craig, I was even given the chance to work on several professional shoots and meet many hard working, talented and brilliant people. It was an awesome experience and I am grateful for every second of it.”

Sean Bruce Monteith

Read more about Sean’s mentorship experience from SAE here.

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