My internship: Two weeks at Tanami

Author Claire McCarthy

The best advice given to me by all at Tanami is “get out there, work and chase opportunities”.

It’s so relevant to my current situation that it’s going to stick with me for a while. Hearing how Jonny, Kat, and Jemma all found their route into the industry via completely different paths has given me the confidence to get out there (lockdown allowing of course) and chase the opportunities. I previously felt that by specialising in something then you are committing to that department for your whole career which I now realise isn’t true; you can start anywhere and with a creative mind, hard-work and passion, you can get where you want to go.

During my time at Tanami, I enjoyed the hands-on practical tasks allocated to me by the production team, such as booking travel and attending casting sessions. This on-the-job kind of work is rarely experienced at University so it’s given me experience and insights that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I enjoyed the balance between practical work and job shadowing as it gave me that overall experience and learning simultaneously. Watching Jonny editing TV adverts and teaching me about clock-numbers and other rules for TV delivery opened my eyes.

Perhaps it is naïve of me to admit but I was surprised by the amount of work and resourcing goes into the pre-production for adverts. Seeing Kat and Roisin’s to-do list last week was a shock as there were so many small things to double check or organise, and as a student a lot of these had never crossed my mind. When doing the Clearcast submission with Helen, I was surprised at how many checks an advert undergoes before broadcast. As advertising is usually a smaller project compared to a feature film, I didn’t think there would be as many complex moving parts (e.g. clock titles on final piece, diversity requirements, logistics), but I’ve definitely learned them now and will never underestimate again!

Overall, I’ve absolutely loved my placement at Tanami. Being able to work with such a welcoming and hardworking team has really inspired me for the future. I would encourage others like me to apply for internships at Tanami. Go for it, as this team and working environment has helped me so much in a small two-week period. I imagine it would also inspire a whole new range of people if they got the chance to witness what I have for themselves.

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