Perfect Partners

Author Kat Jordan

This year Tanami was a proud filming partner of the Edinburgh International Television Festival. And what an adventure it was.

Taking place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, the festival itself was spread across 3 days amongst the hustle and bustle of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Attracting crowds from far and wide, the EITF comprised of keynote speakers and masterclasses, Q&A sessions and debates, not to mention the nostalgic re-makes of your favourite TV shows live for your entertainment (Make sure you check out Dara O’Briain hosting Blockbusters).

Heading a team of 20+ crew, we were responsible for recording and editing a variety of sessions that were taking place across the festival. Our team were stationed in the labyrinth of rooms within the conference centre; each room had a different capacity and could host anywhere from 150 people to 1500 people. We sent our teams out, armed with cameras, tripods and pockets full of dreams (plus a meticulous filming schedule) to capture the magic.

In conjunction with this we also ran a second production unit who had the much coveted job of capturing footage for a promotional video; trying to get an interview with folks from the TV world when there’s an open bar and networking opportunities = #tricky. But the team persevered and got some really exciting material that truly captured the buzz of event. There were pop up bars, creative networking spaces and of course, several hundred media professionals that we couldn’t wait to get on camera.

Although this was a pretty complex operation, we’re pleased to say that we rose to the occasion; working closely with Haus Pictures, we ran this operation using a colour-coded, alphabetised, fool-proof plan that was truly an OCD-er’s dream realised. Not it only did it look pretty, but it worked a treat too.

For a group of professionals of all have a keen interest in the television & film making industry, it’s safe to say that we all loved working on this project. Many of us would have forked out to be a delegate, so having the opportunity to listen to Dan Reed (director of the explosive Leaving Neverland) and Danny Gabai, (producer of Fyre Festival)…well, we’ve had worse days at work.

A Kat’s eye view. 

For a relative newbie in the world of video production, to play a part in not only capturing footage of TV’s biggest legends, but also having the opportunity to rub shoulders with the “who’s who” of the broadcasting world, was a dream come true. Apart from finding myself within touching distance of Louis Theroux, I’d say the main thing I enjoyed about this experience was all of the amazing people that I got to work with. From the fabulous team at the TV Festival to all the legendary camera operators and runners that were on board, I consider myself pretty lucky to have the chance to have met this impressive group of humans. To have contributed to this prestigious media event will be an experience I’ll never forget.

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