JEMMA GOBA – Managing Partner

Jemma is the founder and Managing Partner of Tanami. That doesn’t mean she sits in a big office playing with one of those swingy ball things all day. What we mean is Jemma is still very much hands-on. She’s worked at the BBC, McCann and Maverick TV. She’s rubbish at karaoke (not surprising since she’s tone deaf) and she admits to eating chocolate every single day. Jemma’s also an exceptional interviewer, so at least that’s one thing with a microphone she’s good at.

CRAIG DORRALL – Senior Producer

Craig’s been a theatre stagehand, a landscape gardener and a cocktail mixologist. But it’s his skills behind a camera, rather than a bar, that first caught our eye at Tanami. Before he joined us, Craig ran the New Zealand franchise of a global video production and photography network. He’s since shot the Manchester United first team for Chevrolet and Ferrari mechanics in Kuala Lumpur. Not bad for an ex-welder (yes, he was once one of those too).


Graeme was born in Aberdeen but made in Australia where he worked in advertising, sports and journalism. A pale skinned master of finding shade and air-conditioning, he’s now enjoying the temperate charms of Leith. He’s written screenplays, won awards for his short films and once dislocated both his thumbs at the same time. He doesn’t drink coffee or any hot drinks and hates ‘wet’ food (too weird to explain).


Fun fact: Bethan can’t touch a picture of a spider. That doesn’t stop her from making things happen, or being passionate about producing great work. She cut her teeth with independent production companies, before dabbling in the dark side of post-production in Manchester, and on to producing innovative, immersive content covering 360, VR and live data visualisation. Clients have included Scottish Government, Samsung, Vodafone, BBC and Visit Scotland to name a few. Add to that stints in publishing, care work, bartending and… a nanny to three young kids. No wonder she always stays calm in a crisis. Travel in Asia and Australia hasn’t cured her irrational fear of spiders. Or her love of eating crisps, which can be a real test when she’s on a shoot.

KIRSTY MCLEAN – Assistant Producer

BAMM Global, Pinewood Studios and Working Title Films form the foundation of Kirsty’s pre-Tanami experience. From shooting in Kenya for Glenlivet Whisky to New York for Unilever, Kirsty has experience running multiple creative projects in global markets. Luckily for us, after five years of London living, the pull of sunny Leith (and Tanami’s AP vacancy) was all too much and she returned to her roots. You might find her browsing charity shops, at a photojournalism exhibition, pouring over graphic novels or watching cartoons – her favourites being The Critic, The Life and Times of Tim and, of course, The Simpsons.

HELEN HAMILTON – Project Manager

(Currently on maternity leave)

As a former lead Account Manager at Sony Music, Helen has handled some seriously high-profile projects, including X-Factor and One Direction releases. She also led the ops team who launched BBC Store, the BBC’s consumer digital service, before joining us in 2016. Helen likes toast, running (to offset the effects of toast) and silent movies. Which is, of course, understandable after listening to One Direction.


“I came here for the weather” is Anastasia’s answer to anyone who questions her move from sunny Greece to bonnie Scotland. Anastasia quickly discovered her love for video production whilst working at one of Greece’s biggest TV networks, before moving to Scotland to work at Amazon and Edinburgh Castle. A people person, Anastasia keeps her cool whatever the weather, and thrives on change. She’s most at home curled up with a good book or learning her fifth (yes, fifth) language, and occasionally strutting her stuff on the dance floor…

JONNY SHEPHERD – Motion Designer / Video Editor

Jonny’s a genius with graphics. Kinetic typography, motion graphics, animated vector sequences, Jonny’s at home with them all. Or, more likely, he’s in a darkened room somewhere, bringing his technical prowess and creative flair to our latest project. Jonny likes experimental cooking, supports the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and if you thought ‘genius’ was overstating his talents, get this; Jonny can name all 50 American states in under 30 seconds.

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