It’s mid-December and you’ve already sniffled your way through It’s a Wonderful Life and recited every line of Scrooged, surely it all goes downhill from here? Well fear not, to help you navigate the rest of the season, Team Tanami have come up with some of our favourite alternative Christmas films, and there’s not an elf in sight

The Apartment

Few film-makers can capture the human spirit with quite the same charm and wit as Billy Wilder. His Oscar winning film from 1960, ‘The Apartment’ follows Jack Lemmon’s pushover insurance clerk C.C Baxter through a series of social travails during the festive season.

There are trappings which reflect upon the light and dark of Christmas, in particular one of the most honest depictions the office Christmas party ever committed to celluloid. And to top it all off, one of the most iconic ending lines in cinema history; “Shut up and deal.”

Die Hard

The film that brought the cinema-going public the greatest gift of all: Alan Rickman. Die Hard is in many ways the perfect Christmas film; last-minute travel, an attempt at a fraught family reconciliation and a few bags of C-4 explosives – you know, standard stuff. It’s gleeful, blockbuster nonsense, and the perfect movie to digest some carbs too, with the added benefit of being loud enough to drown out even the most persistent Boxing Day bickering.

The French Connection

Although not ostensibly a Christmas film, this Oscar winner is not only a top festive choice of Craig’s, but his favourite film of all time. With the gritty New York winter setting and Gene Hackman getting dressed up as Santa to conduct a drugs bust, it’s not exactly heartwarming Yuletide fare for all the family, but the chilly festive vibes serve to create an look and feel which made the film an instant classic. And when better to revisit the classics than Christmas.

The Big Lebowski

Sitting in a dressing gown and drinking White Russians on a weekday? Sounds like the ultimate Christmas to us. It might not be set during the season of goodwill, but there’s something about The Big Lebowski’s surreal, almost dreamlike world which captures that disorientating period between Christmas and New Year, when all you want to do is ‘abide’.

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