The 69th Emmy awards evening has sparked quite the discussion on Twitter, with a number of great shows being represented and recognised. Whilst a lot have been added to our ‘must-watch list’, #TeamTanami was happy to see a few of our personal favourites up there:


The Handmaid’s Tale

This was the big winner of the night, and a particular favourite of Craig’s. Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss delivers an award-winning performance, in a series adapted from Margaret Atwood’s controversial but highly popular novel. Although the series depicts a dystopian era, the pertinence of it’s themes resonated with audiences and the shows popularity looks to have solidified the position of it’s distributor, Hulu, among the streaming giants.

In glorious contrast to societal themes of the show, it was a great night for women at the Emmys, with director Reed Morano the first woman to pick up the outstanding drama directing gong in 22 years.



Stranger Things

Stranger Things was one of the most nominated series of Sunday night, and – as Jonny strongly believes – for good reason! Harking back to classic 80’s cinema and traditional horror films, this series makes for a good Netflix binging session with the lights turned off… If you dare.

Jonny’s favourite aspect of this show is the abundance of references to classic Hollywood cinema throughout: homages to Stand By Me, E.T., The Goonies, A Nightmare on Elm Street and much more make this a riveting watch. It’s good fun to keep an eye out for each Easter egg!



Black Mirror

This is a particularly harrowing series, with each episode being a standalone storyline. Integrating sci-fi concepts with familiar surroundings, Helen chose this series due to the well-constructed storylines and the topical discussions that arise from them.

Some of the seemingly farfetched concepts are actually a lot closer to home than others: from actively seeking top ratings from those around you to streaming videos to a TV for all to watch, the series acts as a reminder that while we are rapidly approaching a more exciting and technologically-advanced society, we must continue to be responsible for our actions.



The Night Of

This was Jemma’s top pick – based on the British series Criminal Justice, this is a gritty and absorbing series from HBO (with an already stellar portfolio, we’d expect nothing less!). John Turturro and Emmy award-winning Riz Ahmed really steal the show, and set the bar even higher for future HBO content.

It appears that the creators of The Night Of were true perfectionists – there have been reports of the smallest shots having a high number of takes before they were satisfied. While 20 takes for the placing of a teacup might seem excessive, perfectionism is always worth striving for.

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